360 Admin API

The 360 Admin API is an HTTP-based RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted results for queries against the library’s holdings in 360 Client Center or Intota. The API supports queries of:

  • All subscribed providers, databases, and holdings for the library profile
  • All subscribed holdings for a database code
  • All subscribed databases and holdings for a provider code

Note that “subscribed” denotes a database or holding with a status other than “Not Tracked.” That is, the API will return results for activated resources, but it does not support generalized searching against the entire 360 Knowledgebase.

The 360 Admin API is available at no cost to libraries with any 360 subscription (360 Core, 360 MARC Updates, 360 Resource Manager, 360 Counter, 360 Link, or 360 Consortium Edition) or Intota.