Ex Libris Developer Network Welcome to the Ex Libris Developer Network

Welcome to the Ex Libris Developer Network

Ex Libris is committed to an open platform, which includes support for integrations via open standards and REST APIs. This support enables institutions to integrate Ex Libris solutions with local systems, create innovative services, increase the value of the library, and help meet the institution’s goals and objectives.

The Developer Network is the one-stop shop for system librarians, developers, and IT engineers.

Here you can view documentation related to all our products, read about successful integrations in our blog, ask a question on the forum, and manage your own usage of Ex Libris APIs.

The Developer Network is open to everyone. You can view all of the content without an account, and even try out our Alma and Primo APIs in the API Console. To create a blog post or ask a question on the forum, you can create an account for yourself- it takes only a minute. If you’re already an Ex Libris customer, your institution was provided credentials to the Developer Network which allow you to create API keys which give you access to your institution’s environments. Then visit the various product sections to learn about APIs and integrations available for each product.