Aleph RESTful APIs

Short introduction

The Aleph RESTful API creates a hierarchy of resources that are exportable, and enables client discovery tools to build a suite of interfaces for the library’s patrons on top of the Aleph API.

This enables the implementation of a single interface that efficiently handles both the discovery and the fulfillment actions.

For more information – read the Introduction to Aleph RESTful APIs.

The Aleph RESTful APIs can be divided to two main categories:

  1. Patron related;
  2. Bib. records related ;

The following hierarchy tree illustrates the Aleph API resources tree :

The following hierarchy tree illustrates the Aleph API resources tree

Patron related APIs

Services related to sub-resources of the “Patrons” resource and a list of institutes in which the patron is active.

Aleph REST DLF schema Patrons

Patrons > Patron Information
Patrons > Patron Information > address
Patrons > Patron Information > password
Patrons > Circulation actions
Patrons > Circulation actions > Loans
Patrons > Circulation actions > requests
Patrons > Circulation actions > requests > Holds
Patrons > Circulation actions > requests > ILL
Patrons > Circulation actions > requests > Photocopies
Patrons > Circulation actions > requests > Acquisition Requests Info
Patrons > Circulation actions > requests > Booking
Patrons > Circulation actions > Cash
Patrons > Records (per patron)
Patrons > Records (per patron) > ILL (per Title)
Patrons > Records (per patron) > Holds (per Title) > Consortial Hold Groups
Patrons > Records (per patron) > Holds (per Title) > Institutional Hold Group
Patrons > Records (per patron) > Short Loan (per Title)
Patrons > Records (per patron) > New ACQ Request – Existing Title (per Title)
Patrons > New BLANK ACQ Request (New Title)

Patrons > Records (per patron) > Items
Patrons > Records (per patron) > Items > Hold (per Item)
Patrons > Records (per patron) > Items > Short Loan (per Item)
Patrons > Records (per patron) > Items > Photo (per Item)
Patrons > Patron Status
Patrons > Patron Status > Blocks
Patrons > Patron Status > Registration

Bib. Records related APIs

Aleph REST DLF schema BIB Records

Services related to bibliographic records, including Holdings and Items information:


Records > Items

Records > Holdings / Items

Records > Filters