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General Purpose

The service creates a hold-request record (Z37) for a given item after performing initial checks.


Interface Type



Product Version Compatibility

Version 18 and later


Input Parameters

1. LIBRARY - X (5).
2.1 DOC_NUMBER - 9 (9).
2.2 ITEM_SEQUENCE - 9 (6).
3. ITEM_BARCODE - X (20).
4. BOR_ID - X (12).

  • Library: The library of the loaned Item for which the user would like to create a hold request.

    Only one of the followng two parameters are necessary:
  • Rec_Key: Doc Numer + Item Sequence (Key of Z30).
  • Item_Barcode: ID of the item (Z30).
  • Bor_Id/Identification/Id: Borrower_Id (Patron) for Hold-Request.


Output XML Format

The output XML includes an OK response if the hold request record was successfully created.


The user would like to create a hold-request for:

  • Patron: 00000077
  • Doc_Number: 444
  • Item_Sequence: 10
  • Item_Barcode: 32044024520025

The next URL is the same because the barcode is a unique identifier:


The following is the XML output:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
     - <hold-req>
     <session- id>SKCBYYRJASEB36E7B5YBXD2MQVDUPIPC1TT5JN7MBY43XIVBVC</session-id>


Possible Error Codes

1. If the user tried to activate the X-Service without entering the doc number and item sequence, or item barcode:

error>Both Doc number and item sequence should be filled OR item barcode only.</error>

2. If borrower given by the user could not be found in Z303:

< error>Error retrieving patron record</error>

3. If the item could not be found:

< error>Error retrieving item record</error>

4.If Local information record (Z305) of the Patron could not be found:

< error>Error retrieving local patron record</error>