General Purpose

The Items resource may be accessed with a GET method – to retrieve filters of a specific BIB record’s items list.
This service provides the year, volume, and sublibrary of an item connected to a specific BIB record.

Product Version Compatibility

Versions 18, 20.1 and later

Interface Type



Records - Filters Hierarchy schema

Input Parameters

REST Resource IDs:

Record ID: The Aleph BIB record identifier. The identifier is composed of the BIB library code + the system number. For example, USM01000050362

URL Parameters:

filters: May be used to indicate the year, volume, and sublibrary of items connected to a specific BIB record.

Input URI

Filters List:

<Base URL>:/record/<record ID>/filters

For example:

To retrieve the filters which can be applied on record’s items for the BIB record 00028084, use:

Output XML Format

The returned XML includes the record filters: Volume, Year and Sublibrary.
Filters example:

For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <sublib-name>Main Library</sublib-name>

Possible Error Codes

19 : Record does not exist