New Blank ACQ Request

General Purpose

The resource may be accessed with a GET method to retrieve the needed parameters for a new ACQ request for a specific patron.
The ACQ request information includes the order group information that the patron may submit when creating the new ACQ request.

The resource may be accessed with a PUT method to create a new ACQ request for a specific patron.
The new ACQ request creates a new Title record according to bibliographic information submitted.

For creating an ACQ request on an existing title record please refer to the “New ACQ Request per Title” page.

Product Version Compatibility

Versions 22.01 and later.

Interface Type




New Blank ACQ Request

Input Parameters

REST Resource IDs:

Patron ID: The Aleph patron system identifier.

Input URI

<Base URL>:patron/<patron ID>/acqRequest

For example:

To create a new ACQ request for the patron ID 00000036 (a new title which does not exist), use:

Input XML

To create a new item-level photo request, use the same URL with a PUT method of HTTP.
The request “Body” of the “PUT” method must contain input XML with the Photo request details.

The PUT XML must have the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <acq_parameters allowed="Y">
        <order-group>Art Dep</order-group>
        <title>Very Nice Title</title>

Output XML Format

If a new ACQ request was successfully created using the PUT method, a reply such as the following will be reported:

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?><put-rec-acq><reply-text>ok</reply-text><reply-code>0000</reply-code><create-acq-request><note type="info">Action Succeeded</note></create-acq-request></put-rec-acq>

Possible Error Codes

0002 The patron ID is invalid.

0019 Record does no exist

0025 Failed to create request

0029 Patron is not privileged

0028 Match records found