Patron Blocks

General Purpose

Retrieves a patron’s circulation blocks information. The information is retrieved per institution (ADM library) and per sublibrary. Consortial blocks (ALEPH z305 record) and global patron blocks (z303) are reported independently of an institution.

Product Version Compatibility

Versions 18, 20.1 and later

Interface Type



Patron Blocks


Input Parameters

REST Resources IDs:

Patron ID: The Aleph patron system identifier

URL Parameters:

Institution ID: The ID of an institution (ADM library) for which the information is requested. Optional.

Input URI

<Base URL>:/patron/<patron ID>/patronStatus/blocks?institution=<Institution ID>

For example: To retrieve the patron blocks for the patron ID 00000036, use:

To retrieve the patron blocks for the patron ID 00000036 for a specific institution, use:

Output XML Format

The returned XML reports the patron blocks.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <institution code="USM50">
      <inst-name>Exlibris Demo Libraries</inst-name>
      <sublibrary code="HIL  ">
        <sublib-name>Humanities Library and Reading</sublib-name>
      <sublibrary code="LAW  ">
        <sublib-name>Law Library</sublib-name>
      <sublibrary code="USM50">
        <sublib-name>Exlibris Demo Libraries</sublib-name>
      <sublibrary code="WID  ">
        <sublib-name>Main Library</sublib-name>
    <institution code="USM51">
      <inst-name>USM51 Demo Libraries</inst-name>
    <institution code="MAB50">
      <inst-name>MAB Demo Library</inst-name>

Possible Error Codes

02 : The patron ID is invalid

01 : The supplied institution ID is not valid