General Purpose

Retrieves sub-resources of the Patrons resource and a list of institutes in which the patron is active.

Product Version Compatibility

Versions 18, 20.1 and later

Interface Type



Patrons Patron - ID


Input Parameters

Patron ID: The Aleph patron system identifier

Input URI

<BaseURL>:/patron/<patron ID>

For example: To retrieve the sub-resources for the patron ID 00000036, use:

Output XML Format

The returned XML includes links to the patron’s sub-resources, as well as a list of the patron’s institutes (ADM libraries). The list of institutes can be limited to those in which the patron is active, depending on the institute’s setup of the FILTER-LIBRARY-CARD tab100 variable.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <info type="Circulation Actions" href=""/>
    <info type="Patron Information" href=""/>
    <info type="Patron Status" href=""/>
    <info type="Records" href=""/>
    <info type="Acq Request" href=""/>
    <institution code="USM50">Exlibris Demo Libraries</institution>
    <institution code="USM51">USM51 Demo Libraries</institution>
    <institution code="MAB50">MAB Demo Library</institution>

Possible Error Codes

01 : The supplied institution ID is invalid

02 : The patron ID is invalid