General Purpose

The service retrieves all course records (Z107) belonging to the given Borrower_Id if the provided ID and verification code match.

If they do not, an error message is returned.

Interface Type


Product Version Compatibility

Version 18 and later

Input Parameters

1. LIBRARY – X (5).
2. BOR_ID – X (20).

NOTE: The X-Service calls “check_bor_id” with type of check: GUI.
This means that the verification is NOT a mandatory field, and the user does not have to fill it in.

  • Library: The library in which the loaned Item is located.
  • Bor_ID/Identification/ID: Borrower_Id (Patron) on which the user would like to get course data.
  • Verification: Password of the Borrower_id (Verification in Z308).

Output XML Format

The output XML includes all course records (Z107) for the borrower_id given by the user.


If the user would like to get all courses numbers of patron = 00000012

If everything went well, the output XML contains all relevant Z107 (Course) records:

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>

Possible Error Codes

1. If the user tried to activate Sort Set X-Service without giving Borrower_id as an input:

< error>Bor_Id must be supplied</error>

2. If an error occurred while trying to check verification:

< error>Error in Verification</error>

3. If global record (Z303) could not be found for given patron:

< error>Error retrieving Course records</error>