General Purpose

The service re-sorts a specific set of documents according to parameters provided by the user.

Interface Type


Product Version Compatibility

Version 18 and later

Input Parameters

1. LIBRARY – X (5).
2. SET_NUMBER – 9 (6).
3. SORT_CODE_1 – X (2).
4. SORT_ORDER_1 – X (1).
5. SORT_CODE_2 – X (2).
6. SORT_ORDER_2 – X (1).

  • Library: The library that includes the set that the user would like to re-sort.
  • Set_Number/Set_Num/Set_No: The number of the set to be re-sorted.
  • Sort_Code_1: The first sort is based on this code.
  • Sort_Order_1: The direction of the first sort (Ascending/Descending).
  • Sort_Code_2: The second sort is based on this code.
  • Sort_Order_2: The direction of the second sort (Ascending/Descending).

Output XML Format

The output XML includes only the session-id if it was completed successfully, since its purpose is to re-sort a set of documents and not to retrieve data.


The user would like to sort set number 512 (as in Z05, Z110) with the following criteria:

1. First sort -By Title (First code in Tab_Sort in record 03) in ascending order.

2. Second sort – By year (First code in Tab_Sort in record 01) in descending order.

Under library USM01.

http://ram19:8995/X?op=sort-set&library=usm01& set_number=512&sort_code_1=03&sort_order_1=A&sort_code_2=01&sort_order_2=D

The following is the XML output:

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>

Possible Error Codes

1. If the user tried to activate Sort Set X-Service without giving Library as an input:

< error>Library must be included in service params.</error>

2. If the user did not provide any set_number

< error>Set number must be specified</error>

3. If one of the 4 parameters indicating what kind of re-sort is needed is empty:

< error>Sort instructions must be given</error>

4. If the set_number given by the user doesn’t exist in Z05 table (e.g. 999):

< error>Set Number: 000999 doesn’t exist in Z05</error>

5. If the re-sorting failed (e.g. for set 999):

< error>Sorting set number 000999 has been failed</error>