General Purpose

This service authenticates a staff user.

The X-Server does not change any data.

Interface Type


Product Version Compatibility

Version 18 and later

Input Parameters

1. STAFF_USER X(10).
2. STAFF_PASS X(10).
3. LIBRARY X (5).

Staff_user: The ID of the authenticated staff.
Staff_pass: The password of the authenticated staff.
Library: ADM library for which the user is to be authenticated.

Both Staff_user and staff_pass can be inserted in lowercase and uppercase letters. As the system always saves this data in uppercase letters, the X-Server handles the data correctly in any event.

Output XML Format

The output XML includes a message indicating success or a descriptive error code. If the authorization is successful, then the Z66 record will also be returned. All Z66 fields that might contain user name/user password are discarded from the XML.

To authenticate the user TREK, enter the following URL:

If all goes well, the output XML contains a reply and the Z66 record:

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<z66-name>John Smith</z66-name>

Possible Error Codes

1. If a staff member is blocked, an error message stating that he/she is blocked is retrieved along with the reason for blocking taken from the relevant field in the Z66 record:

< error>User is blocked by the system due to the following reason:
staff is blocked for testing.</error>

2. If a non-existing staff_user / staff_pass is / are given, the following message appears in the XML output:

< error>No such staff member exists. Make sure both user and password are correct.</error>

3. If a staff member’s access rights have expired, the following message appears in the XML output (with the date the access rights expired):

< error>User login has expired on 03\10\2006.</error>

4. When PASSWORD-NO-USE-PERIOD in tab100 indicates that too much time has elapsed since the last login of the staff member, the following message appears in the XML output (with the last login date):

< error>User login has not been in use since 01\09\2006, and has been blocked.</error>