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Invoice Service

This API roperates on an invoice. Preview - subject to changes. It is possible to use this API in order to process an invoice - see blog: Creating an invoice using APIs. It is also possible to use this API for invocie integration with ERP system - see blog Alma - ERP invoices integration using APIs.

Resource URL
POST /almaws/v1/acq/invoices/{invoice_id}
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The full WADL documentation is available here.

URL Parameters

invoice_idxs:stringThe Invoice id.

Query string Parameters

opxs:string Required The operation to perform on the invoice. Currently, the options are 'mark_in_erp', 'paid', 'process_invoice' or 'rejected'

Body ParametersThis method takes an invoice object.
For detailed documentation see here.

Output This method returns a Invoice object.
For detailed documentation see here.

Possible Error Codes
40166410Parameter op is not valid.
402400Invoice X not found.
60260Failed to start invoice process and workflow.
60267Failed to process invoice in ERP.
60268The invoice note is mandatory.