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Retrieve Item and label printing information

This web service returns Item information.

Note: It is also possible to retrieve item information by barcode using: GET /almaws/v1/items?item_barcode={item_barcode}. Calling this shorthand URL will return an HTTP 302 redirect response leading to a URL with the structure documented here.

Resource URL
GET /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/holdings/{holding_id}/items/{item_pid}
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The full WADL documentation is available here.

URL Parameters

mms_idxs:stringThe Bib Record ID.
holding_idxs:stringThe Holding Record ID.
item_pidxs:stringThe Item ID.

Query string Parameters

viewxs:string Optional. Default: brief Special view of Item object. Optional. Currently supported: label - adds fields relevant for label printing.
expandxs:string Optional. Parameter for enhancing result with additional information. Currently supported: due_date_policy
user_idxs:string Optional. The id of the user which the due_date_policy expand will be calculated for. Default: GUEST.

Body Parameters None

Output This method returns a Item Information object.
For detailed documentation see here.

Possible Error Codes
401652General Error - An error has occurred while processing the request.