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Retrieve Items list

This web service returns a list of Items.

Note: It is possible to retrieve all the items under a bib record using 'ALL' in the holding_id path parameter.

Resource URL
GET /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/holdings/{holding_id}/items
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The full WADL documentation is available here.

URL Parameters

mms_idxs:stringThe Bib Record ID.
holding_idxs:stringThe Holding Record ID. May be ALL to retrieve all holdings for a Bib.

Query string Parameters

limitxs:int Optional. Default: 10 Limits the number of results. Optional. Valid values are 0-100. Default value: 10.
offsetxs:int Optional. Default: 0 Offset of the results returned. Optional. Default value: 0, which means that the first results will be returned.
expandxs:string Optional. Parameter for enhancing result with additional information. Currently supported: due_date_policy
user_idxs:string Optional. The id of the user for which the discovery information will be calculated.
current_libraryxs:string Optional. The current library for the item.
current_locationxs:string Optional. The current location of the item.
qxs:string Optional. Search from enum_a, enum_b, chron_i, chron_j, and description. (see Brief Search)
order_byxs:string Optional. Default: none The sort order. Ordering may be selected by chron_i, description, enum_a, enum_b, enum_c, library, location or temporary_location. There is no default.
directionxs:string Optional. Default: desc The sort direction of desc (default) or asc.

Body Parameters None

Output This method returns a Items list object.
For detailed documentation see here.

Possible Error Codes
401652General Error - An error has occurred while processing the request.
402203The Bib Record is not valid.
401688Error while retrieving items.
402469Current library is not valid.
60215Current location is not valid.
60216The ordering is not valid.
60106Invalid query format.
60217The offset is too large.