Configuration and Administration

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The Configuration API allows access to configuration related information, as described in the map below.


Alma provides a set of Web services for handling Configuration related information, enabling you to quickly and easily receive configuration details. These Web services can be used by external systems in order to get list of possible data.

Organization Units

Retrieve Departments
GET /almaws/v1/conf/departments
Retrieve Libraries
GET /almaws/v1/conf/libraries
Retrieve Library
GET /almaws/v1/conf/libraries/{libraryCode}
Retrieve Locations
GET /almaws/v1/conf/libraries/{libraryCode}/locations
Retrieve Location
GET /almaws/v1/conf/libraries/{libraryCode}/locations/{locationCode}
Update a Location
PUT /almaws/v1/conf/libraries/{libraryCode}/locations/{locationCode}


Retrieve Code-table
GET /almaws/v1/conf/code-tables/{codeTableName}
Retrieve General Configuration
GET /almaws/v1/conf/general
Retrieve Library Open Hours
GET /almaws/v1/conf/libraries/{libraryCode}/open-hours
Retrieve Open Hours
GET /almaws/v1/conf/open-hours


Retrieve Jobs
GET /almaws/v1/conf/jobs
Retrieve Job Details
GET /almaws/v1/conf/jobs/{job_id}
Submit a manual or scheduled job
POST /almaws/v1/conf/jobs/{job_id}
Retrieve Job Instances
GET /almaws/v1/conf/jobs/{job_id}/instances
Retrieve Job Instance Details
GET /almaws/v1/conf/jobs/{job_id}/instances/{instance_id}


Retrieve a list of Sets
GET /almaws/v1/conf/sets
Create a Set
POST /almaws/v1/conf/sets
Delete a Set
DELETE /almaws/v1/conf/sets/{set_id}
Retrieve a Set
GET /almaws/v1/conf/sets/{set_id}
Manage Members
POST /almaws/v1/conf/sets/{set_id}
Retrieve Set Members
GET /almaws/v1/conf/sets/{set_id}/members

Deposit Profiles

Retrieve Deposit Profiles
GET /almaws/v1/conf/deposit-profiles
Retrieve Deposit Profile
GET /almaws/v1/conf/deposit-profiles/{deposit_profile_id}

Import Profiles

Retrieve Import Profiles
GET /almaws/v1/conf/md-import-profiles
Retrieve Import Profile
GET /almaws/v1/conf/md-import-profiles/{profile_id}
MD Import op - Deprecated
POST /almaws/v1/conf/md-import-profiles/{profile_id}

Integration Profiles

Retrieve a list of Integration Profiles
GET /almaws/v1/conf/integration-profiles
Retrieve an Integration Profile
GET /almaws/v1/conf/integration-profiles/{id}


Retrieve Fine Fee Report
GET /almaws/v1/conf/utilities/fee-transactions


Retrieve a list of Reminders
GET /almaws/v1/conf/reminders
Create a Reminder
POST /almaws/v1/conf/reminders
Delete a Reminder
DELETE /almaws/v1/conf/reminders/{reminder_id}
Retrieve a Reminder
GET /almaws/v1/conf/reminders/{reminder_id}
Update a Reminder
PUT /almaws/v1/conf/reminders/{reminder_id}


GET Conf Test API
GET /almaws/v1/conf/test
POST Conf Test API
POST /almaws/v1/conf/test

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