API Docs

__METHOD= GET . __PATH= /almaws/v1/acq/funds .

Retrieve funds

This API returns a list of Funds.
The list includes the relevant allocated funds that are active in the current date (based on the related fiscal period). This is the same list as retrieved in the UI when adding fund for a PO-Line.

Resource URL

GET /almaws/v1/acq/funds

API Description

URL Parameters


Querystring Parameters

limitxs:intOptional. Default: 10Limits the number of results. Optional. Valid values are 0-100. Default value: 10.
offsetxs:intOptional. Default: 0Offset of the results returned. Optional. Default value: 0, which means that the first results will be returned.
qxs:stringOptional.Search query. Optional. If the mode parameter is POL, then searching is limited to fund_code. Otherwise, available search options: all, fund_code, description, external_id, name. For example: q=fund_code~FU1 (see Brief Search)
libraryxs:stringOptional.Filter by library or institution code that the fund is available for. All by default.
viewxs:stringOptional. Default: fullThe view format, possible values: full / brief (used for vendors). Default is full
modexs:stringOptional. Default: POLPOL - ready to be used for a PO-Line, allocated and active in the current fiscal period. ALL - all funds and ledgers.
statusxs:stringOptional. Default: ALLFilter by status: ACTIVE/INACTIVE. All by default.
entity_typexs:stringOptional. Default: ALLFilter by fund entity type: LEDGER/SUMMARY/ALLOCATED. All by default.
fiscal_periodxs:stringOptional. Default: ALLFilter by fiscal period. Note: this should be the ID and not the description. All by default.
parent_idxs:stringOptional. Default: ALLFilter for funds by the ID of their parent (which can be a ledger or a summary fund). All by default.
ownerxs:stringOptional. Default: ALLFilter by the fund owner: library or the institution code. All by default.

Body Parameters



This method returns a Funds object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

402119General error.
40166410Parameter invalid with valid options.
40166419Parameter has no valid options.
401873Filter not supported when mode=POL.