API Docs

__METHOD= GET . __PATH= /almaws/v1/acq/purchase-requests/ .

Get Purchase Requests

This API returns a list of purchase requests.

Resource URL

GET /almaws/v1/acq/purchase-requests/

API Description

URL Parameters


Querystring Parameters

formatxs:stringOptional.Format. Optional. By default all formats will be returned. Possible values according to PR_RequestedFormat code table.
owning_libraryxs:stringOptional.Owning Library. Optional. By default all libraries will be returned. Possible values are valid library values
statusxs:stringOptional.Status. Optional. By default all statuses will be returned. Possible values according to PurchaseRequestStatus code table
citation_typexs:stringOptional.Citation Type. Optional. By default all citation types will be returned. Possible values according to PR_CitationType code table
limitxs:intOptional. Default: 10Limits the number of results. Optional. Valid values are 0-100. Default value: 10.
offsetxs:intOptional. Default: 0Offset of the results returned. Optional. Default value: 0, which means that the first results will be returned.

Body Parameters



This method returns a Purchase Requests object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

402119General error.
40166410Parameter value is invalid, please choose one of the valid options.
60269Search for purchase requests failed.