API Docs

__METHOD= POST . __PATH= /almaws/v1/acq/po-lines .

Create PO-Line

This web service creates a new PO-Line.

The PO line can be for physical, electronic or electronic collection. The PO line will be created along with the relevant inventory according to the 'type' field. It will then be processed in Alma as any PO line.

The common use case for this web service is for creating a PO line in Alma, representing an order that was purchased at vendor system. See details here.
The following fields are required by the POST action: owner, type, title or mms_id. If they were not supplied - 400 HTTP error will be returned. There are other fields which are required for the PO line to be processed in Alma: vendor, vendor account, price and fund. If any of these fields is missing, the PO Line will be created in Alma, but will be in the 'In Review' list.

Note that PO line processing in Alma is asynchronous. This means that the response for POST action might not include status and alerts. As part of the PO line details, the relevant metadata is sent to Alma. Alma will try to match it with existing bibliographic records. If a matching bibliographic record exists- the new PO line will be related to that record. If not, a new bibliographic record will be created including the relevant metadata.

For more information about configuring match rules see here.

Resource URL

POST /almaws/v1/acq/po-lines

API Description

URL Parameters


Querystring Parameters

profile_codexs:stringOptional.New Order API profile code. Optional. If multiple profiles exist and no profile parameter is passed in the querystring, the default profile is used.
requires_manual_reviewxs:stringOptional. Default: falseRequires manual review. Optional.

Body Parameters

This method creates a PO Line object. See doc


This method returns a PO-Line object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

402119General error.
401870PoLine X already exists.
401664Mandatory field is missing: X
60320No charge is not allowed for this PO line configuration.
401872Given X is illegal.