API Docs

__METHOD= GET . __PATH= /almaws/v1/bibs .

Retrieve Bibs

This web service returns Bib records in an XML format from a list of Bib IDs submitted in a parameter.

Note: For an API that allows searching Bib records by various indexes have a look at the SRU protocol.

To include physical inventory information use "expand=p_avail":
AVA field is added per holding record (related to the input mms-id or to a related Bib records) as following:
$$a - Institution code, $$b - Library code, $$c - Location display name, $$h - Campus,
$$d - Call number, $$e - Availability (such as available, unavailable, or check_holdings),
$$j - Location code, $$k - Call number type, $$f - total items, $$g - non available items,
$$v - Calculated summary information,
$$p - priority, $$0 - Bib record ID, $$8 - Holdings ID (of items on permanent location only), $$t - Holdings Information, $$q - library name.
AVA is added also for items in temporary location. For such items, $$8 (holding id) will not be added.
Note: When using the API against a NZ Institution AVA fields will be retrieved for each member which has holdings.

To include digital inventory information use: "expand=d_avail":
MARC - AVD field is added per Representations, as following:
$$a - Institution code, $$b - Representations ID, $$c - REPRESENTATION/REMOTE_REPRESENTATION, $$d - Repository Name, $$e - Label, $$f - Public Note, $$h - Full Text Link, $$r - IED.
Dublin Core - A dc:identifier field with a delivery URL is added per representation.
MODS - A location/url field with a delivery URL is added per representation.

To include electronic inventory information use: "expand=e_avail":
AVE field is added per portfolio, as following:
$$l -library code, $$m - Collection name, $$n - Public note, $$u - link to the bibliographic record's services page,
$$s - coverage statement (as displayed in Primo's ViewIt mashup), $$t - Interface name.
$$8 - portfolio pid, $$c - collection identifier for the electronic resource, $$e - activation status.
$$i - Available for institution, $$d - Available for library, $$b - Available for campus.
Note: $$u will be created based on a Customer Parameter in the "Customer Parameters" mapping table (module: general): publishing_base_url.
Note: When using the API against a NZ Institution AVE fields will also be retrieved for each member which has portfolios, including $$a with the Institution code and $$0 with the mms-id.

Note: For Dublin Core records the expand parameter does not create an addition AVD field. Instead it creates a dc:identifier field with a delivery URL.
Note:The bibliographic record retrieved from Alma is enriched with additional identifiers.
The MMS ID of the Network Zone and the Alma Community Zone ID are added to the record
in additional 035 marc fields. The Community Zone ID is added with the prefix (EXLCZ)
while the Network Zone ID is added with the prefix (EXLNZ-network_code). The local
MMS ID is in the 001 marc field. These additional shared IDs can be used for better
identification of a common record. The local MMS ID should be used when there is a need to call
an API in the institution for the record.

Resource URL

GET /almaws/v1/bibs

API Description

URL Parameters


Querystring Parameters

mms_idxs:stringOptional.A list of Bib Record IDs (for example: 99939650000541,99939680000541) from 1 to the limit of 100
ie_idxs:stringOptional.IE identifier (IEP, IED etc.)
holdings_idxs:stringOptional.Holdings ID
representation_idxs:stringOptional.Representation ID
nz_mms_idxs:stringOptional.Network Zone ID
cz_mms_idxs:stringOptional.Community Zone ID
viewxs:stringOptional. Default: fullUse view=brief to retrieve without the full record.
expandxs:stringOptional. Default: NoneThis parameter allows for expanding the bibliographic record with additional information:
p_avail - Expand physical inventory information.
e_avail - Expand electronic inventory information.
d_avail - Expand digital inventory information.
requests - Expand total number of title requests.
To use more than one, use a comma separator.
other_system_idxs:stringOptional.An Other System Id. An additional ID stored as part of the record's network numbers. Optional.

Body Parameters



This method returns a Bibs object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

401652General Error - An error has occurred while processing the request.
402203Input parameter mmsId list is not valid.