API Docs

__METHOD= GET . __PATH= /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/holdings/{holding_id}/items/{item_id}/requests .

Retrieve User Requests per Item

This web service returns a list of requests per the given item (using item_id).

Resource URL

GET /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/holdings/{holding_id}/items/{item_id}/requests

API Description

URL Parameters

mms_idxs:stringThe Bib Record ID.
holding_idxs:stringThe Holding Bib Record ID.
item_idxs:stringThe item ID.

Querystring Parameters

request_typexs:stringOptional. Default: all_typesFilter results by request type. Optional. Possible values: HOLD, DIGITIZATION, BOOKING. If not supplied, all request types will be returned.
statusxs:stringOptional. Default: activeActive or history request status . The default is active.

Body Parameters



This method returns a User Requests object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

401652General Error - An error has occurred while processing the request.
402204Input parameters mmsId X is not numeric.
402203Input parameters mmsId X is not valid.