API Docs

__METHOD= DELETE . __PATH= /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id} .

Delete Bib Record

This web service deletes a Bib Record.
For more information regarding the various options supported for this API see here.

Resource URL

DELETE /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}

API Description

URL Parameters

mms_idxs:stringThe Bib Record ID.

Querystring Parameters

overridexs:stringOptional. Default: falseOverride the warnings and delete the Bib Record. Optional. The default is to not override (false).
cataloger_levelxs:stringOptional.Cataloger level of the user deleting the record.

Body Parameters



This method returns HTTP 204 (No Content) which means that the server successfully processed the request, but is not returning any content.

Possible Error Codes

402203An error has occured while validating the mms_id.
401873Input parameter mms_id or parameter override is not valid.
4022020Delete Bib error.
40166454Delete Bib error. Community Zone Bib cannot be deleted.
4022040Cataloging level is not enabled for your institution.
4022041Cannot update this record due to insufficient cataloger level privileges.