API Docs

__METHOD= DELETE . __PATH= /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/holdings/{holding_id}/items/{item_pid} .

Withdraw Item

This web service withdraws an item.

Resource URL

DELETE /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/holdings/{holding_id}/items/{item_pid}

API Description

URL Parameters

mms_idxs:stringThe Bib Record ID.
holding_idxs:stringThe Holding Record ID.
item_pidxs:stringThe Item ID.

Querystring Parameters

overridexs:stringOptional. Default: falseIndication whether the item should be deleted even if warnings exist. Optional. By default: false.
holdingsxs:stringOptional. Default: retainMethod for handling a Holdings record left without any items: retain, delete or suppress. Optional. By default: retain.

Body Parameters



This method returns HTTP 204 (No Content) which means that the server successfully processed the request, but is not returning any content.

Possible Error Codes

401652General Error - An error has occurred while processing the request.