API Docs

__METHOD= PUT . __PATH= /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/portfolios/{portfolio_id} .

Update Portfolio for a Bib

This web service updates a Portfolio for a Bib.

Resource URL

PUT /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/portfolios/{portfolio_id}

API Description

URL Parameters

mms_idxs:stringThe Bib Record ID.
portfolio_idxs:stringThe Electronic Portfolio ID.

Querystring Parameters


Body Parameters

This method takes a portfolio object. See doc


This method returns a Update Portfolio object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

60221The MMS ID is not valid.
60123Failed to find the Portfolio ID.
60161The portfolio availability code is not valid.
60165A metadata operation has failed.
60166The URL type is not valid.
60167The proxy enable flag is not valid.
60168The proxy code is not valid.
60169The license is not valid.
60170The coverage in use is not valid.
60171The material type is not valid.
60172The PO line reference is not valid.
402469The library code is not valid.
60223The interface name is not valid.