API Docs

__METHOD= GET . __PATH= /almaws/v1/conf/jobs/{job_id}/instances/{instance_id}/events .

Retrieve Job Instance Event Details

This Web service returns a list of events for a job-instance for the given job id and instance id. For now it accepts jobs in the category and type of USERS/SIS.

Resource URL

GET /almaws/v1/conf/jobs/{job_id}/instances/{instance_id}/events

API Description

URL Parameters

job_idxs:stringUnique id of the job. Mandatory.
instance_idxs:stringUnique id of the specific job instance. Mandatory.

Querystring Parameters

limitxs:intOptional. Default: 10Limits the number of results. Optional. Valid values are 0-100. Default value: 10.
offsetxs:intOptional. Default: 0Offset of the results returned. Optional. Default value: 0, which means that the first results will be returned.

Body Parameters



This method returns a Job Events By Instance object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

402215Invalid job id format.
402216Invalid job id.
402218Invalid job instance id.
60333Error retrieving events.
60332This service will only work for the job category and type of USERS/SIS.