API Docs

__METHOD= POST . __PATH= /almaws/v1/conf/sets .

Create a Set

Web service for creating or combining a set.

If you are creating a new set, you can use this API to create 2 types of sets:
1. Itemized set
2. Logical set
Creating logical sets is supported for Inventory related entities (not supported for PO-Lines, Users etc).
It is possible to create an itemized set and populate it from a logical set by setting the logical set id in the from_logical_set parameter.
It is also possible to create an itemized set which is based on MD import job by providing job instance id and population.
For more details about MD import itemized set click here.
If you are combining sets, then set1 and set2 must be provided. Those two sets will be combined with a new combined set created.
Details regarding the syntax for creating Logical Sets can be found here.

Resource URL

POST /almaws/v1/conf/sets

API Description

URL Parameters


Querystring Parameters

populationxs:stringOptional.The population on which a set should be created. Optional.
job_instance_idxs:stringOptional.The id of md import job instance from which a set should be created. Optional.
from_logical_setxs:stringOptional.An id of a logical set to create an Itemized Set based on it. Optional.
combinexs:stringOptional. Default: NoneThe logical operator. Choose between AND, OR, NOT. Default is AND. Optional
set1xs:stringOptional. Default: NoneThe primary combining set. Optional.
set2xs:stringOptional. Default: NoneThe secondary combining set. Optional.

Body Parameters

This method takes a Set object. See doc


This method returns a Set object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

402119General Error - An error has occurred while processing the request.
500127'job_instance_id' and 'population' must be provided together.
402262Set type is invalid. Only 'ITEMIZED' and 'LOGICAL' sets are supported.
402263The set name already exists. Please choose a different name.
402264Set ID is invalid.
402265Failed to create a set.
402266Population value is invalid.
402267Job instance type for the provided job_instance_id is not MD_IMPORT - the operation is not supported.
60204Set combine operator not valid.
60205Combining sets are not the same type.
60206Sets combine operation failed.
60209Set private value not valid.
60210Set status not valid.
402218Invalid job instance id.