API Docs

__METHOD= PUT . __PATH= /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id} .

Update Electronic Collection

This Web service updates an electronic collection.

Resource URL

PUT /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}

API Description

URL Parameters

collection_idxs:stringUnique ID of the electronic collection.

Querystring Parameters


Body Parameters

This method takes an ElectronicCollection object. See doc


This method returns a Collection object. See doc

Possible Error Codes

60121The Collection ID was not found.
60126The name is missing.
402469The library code is not valid.
60127The type is missing or not valid.
60128The access type is missing or not valid.
60129The license is not valid.
60158The process type is not valid.
60130The free indicator is not valid.
60131The language is not valid.
60132The proxy enable is not valid.
60133The proxy is not valid.
60134The interface is not valid.
60135The group proxy is not valid.
60137The PO line is not valid.
60140The community zone record was not created.
60141The collection could not be saved.
60142The collection date is not valid.
60143The resource metadata mms id is not valid.
60151The collection was not found.
60152The group is not valid.
60296The COUNTER platform is not valid.