API Docs

__METHOD= POST . __PATH= /almaws/v1/users/{user_id} .

Authenticate or refresh user

This Web service runs a user authentication process or refreshes a linked user in Alma.
Refresh operation requires a user at the local institution that is linked to a user at another institution.
Authentication operation requires a password which may be entered as a parameter or with the header: Exl-User-Pw
Authentication is meant for internal users that have passwords in the Ex Libris Identity Service.
Successful authentication or refresh will result with an HTTP 204 (success - no content) response.

Resource URL

POST /almaws/v1/users/{user_id}

API Description

URL Parameters

user_idxs:stringA unique identifier for the user

Querystring Parameters

user_id_typexs:stringOptional. Default: all_uniqueThe type of identifier that is being searched. Optional. If this is not provided, all unique identifier types are used. The values that can be used are any of the values in the User Identifier Type code table.
opxs:stringOptional. Default: authThe operation to be performed on the user. Mandatory. Currently op=auth or op=refresh are supported. The default is auth.
passwordxs:stringRequiredAdd the user's password. Or, enter the password in the header Exl-User-Pw. A password is mandatory for op=auth.

Body Parameters



Possible Error Codes

401866User authentication failed
401890User was not found.
401861Refresh user with given identifier not found.
60229Failed to find linked account for user.
60226Fulfillment network copied user not found.
60230Failed to refresh linked user.