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Rest Bib


An object representation of a Bibliographic Record

Data Dictionary

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Description: Bibliographic record object

The actual recordxs:anyXML string describing the record
mms_idstringBibliographic record identifier. Output parameter.
record_formatstringBibliographic format: marc21, unimarc, kormarc, cnmarc or dc. Default is marc21.
linked_record_idstringLinked record identifier. Output parameter.
titlestringThe title of the Bibliographic record. Output parameter.
authorstringAuthor. Output parameter.
issnstringissn. Output parameter.
isbnstringisbn. Output parameter.
complete_editionstringComplete edition. Output parameter.
network_numbersnetwork_numbersNetwork number, control number. Output parameter.
place_of_publicationstringPlace of publication, part of the imprint information. Output parameter.
date_of_publicationstringDate of publication. Output parameter.
publisher_conststringPublisher_const, part of the imprint information. Output parameter.
holdingsstringLink to a list of Holdings for the Bib record. Output parameter.
created_bystringCreator of the record. Output parameter.
created_datedateThe record creation date. Output parameter.
last_modified_bystringLast user to modify the record. Output parameter.
last_modified_datedateDate by which the last change to the record was made. Output parameter.
suppress_from_publishingstringIndication whether the record should be published to Primo.
Note that the default is true which means that the record will NOT be published.
originating_systemstringThe system in which the record was initially generated. Output parameter.
originating_system_idstringThe id of the record in the original system. Output parameter.
The cataloging level of the bibliographic record. Possible codes are listed in 'CatalogerLevel' code table.

The valid values for this parameter are controlled by the code-table: CatalogerLevel. These are the currently defined values for your institution:
warningswarningsWarnings returned by the validation process when creating or updating a bibliographic record
requestsintNumber of requests for title. Output parameter.



Description: List of warnings returned by the validation process when creating or updating a bibliographic record

warningwarningSpecific warning.



Description: Validation warning.

messagestringValidation warning message.