Electronic Resources

The Electronic API allows access to electronic related information, as described in the map below.


Alma provides a set of APIs for handling electronic resources, enabling you to quickly and easily manipulate electronic details. These APIs can be used by external systems in order to retrieve or update electronic data.

Note regarding using PUT to update electronic resources: while other Alma APIs delete a field when it is not sent, here we advise to send an empty string in order to clean its content.

Electronic Collections

Retrieve Electronic Collections
GET /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections
Create Electronic Collection
POST /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections
DeleteElectronic Collection
DELETE /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}
Retrieve Electronic Collection
GET /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}
Update Electronic Collection
PUT /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}

Electronic Services

Retrieve Electronic Services
GET /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services
Create Electronic Service
POST /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services
Delete Electronic Service
DELETE /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services/{service_id}
Retrieve Electronic Service
GET /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services/{service_id}
Update Electronic Service
PUT /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services/{service_id}


Retrieve Portfolios
GET /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services/{service_id}/portfolios
Create Electronic Portfolio
POST /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services/{service_id}/portfolios/
Delete Electronic Portfolio
DELETE /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services/{service_id}/portfolios/{portfolio_id}
Retrieve Portfolio
GET /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services/{service_id}/portfolios/{portfolio_id}
Update Electronic Portfolio
PUT /almaws/v1/electronic/e-collections/{collection_id}/e-services/{service_id}/portfolios/{portfolio_id}

OpenAPI Specification

For information about the OpenAPI standard, see the OpenAPI Initiative. You can also read about OpenAPI support in Ex Libris APIs.

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