Resource Sharing Partners

The Resource Sharing Partners API allows access to Partners related information

Alma provides a set of Web services for handling Resource Sharing Partner information, enabling you to quickly and easily manipulate partner details. These Web services can be used by external systems to retrieve or update partner data.

Resource Sharing Partners

Retrieve Partners
GET /almaws/v1/partners
Create Partner
POST /almaws/v1/partners
Remove Partner
DELETE /almaws/v1/partners/{partner_code}
Retrieve Partner
GET /almaws/v1/partners/{partner_code}
Update Partner
PUT /almaws/v1/partners/{partner_code}

Lending Requests

Create lending request.
POST /almaws/v1/partners/{partner_code}/lending-requests
Retrieve lending request.
GET /almaws/v1/partners/{partner_code}/lending-requests/{request_id}


GET Partner Test API
GET /almaws/v1/partners/operation/test
POST Partner Test API
POST /almaws/v1/partners/operation/test