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As part of a library’s processes, patrons can be charged with various fines and fees. For example, if a patron returns a loaned book after its due date, the patron is charged for each day following the due date. For details, see Patron charges configuration in Alma OLH.
Patrons can be charged fees for various types of activities, such as signing up for a course, extra education services, and so forth. Thus, many institutions handle patron-related charges in a dedicated bursar system. This can be the institution’s ERP system or a system that is in charge of patron-related finance. Institutions export fine and fee information from Alma to the bursar system. Exported fines and fees are considered closed in Alma, since they are handled outside of the library’s scope.
In general, the export of fines and fees is handled using XML files that are placed by Alma at a predefined FTP location. These XML files can then be fetched by the bursar system. The workflow is illustrated in the following diagram: