Fine/fee Import

Fines and Fees Import

Institutions have the ability to import files from a bursar system to update Alma on the transactions that were exported from Alma to the bursar system.
When this workflow is configured as part of the integration profile, the export process sets the transaction type to Exported instead of Exported and Paid, which is set when the import is not active.
The Import from Bursar job performs the following tasks:
  • Search for the matching fine/fee record with the bursar transaction ID. If a match cannot be made, the internal ID is used.
  • Create a new transaction with the Payment Imported type.
  • Update the relevant fine/fee. If the payment is a full payment, close the fee. Otherwise, update the active amount. If the payment is an overpayment, create a credit.

When importing fine/fees from the bursar system back to Alma, Alma expects a file with the same structure as the exported file.
As described above, the match is done based on the fine/fee’s bursar transaction ID, so this field should be included. In addition, the compositeSum of the fine/fee must be included – this is the information that Alma will set on the payment transaction.

For more details about configuring the integration profile, see Alma OLH.

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