Integration with course management system

Course Management System (CMS) is a system in which institution’s courses are saved, managed and maintained. Alma – the institution’s library management system- needs the courses information, in order to give related library services – e.g. course reading list. In order to allow this, the courses should be loaded from the CMS into Alma, and be synchronized when relevant.

The integration between Alma and CMS is configured in an Integration profile of type “Course Loader” in Alma. Refer to Alma’s OLH for more information regarding the profile.

Data structure

The course information must be in an Excel file on an FTP server accessible by Alma.

For the format of the Excel file and more information, see Configuring Course Loading in the Alma Online Help.

The Course Loader can be used to add additional courses, roll over courses, or edit or delete existing ones (based on Code + Section ID fields).

Changing the instructors changes who can associate a reading list with the course. It does not change any reading lists already associated with the course.

The schedule of the course loader can be: daily, weekly, monthly or manually. See also Alma’s Courses API.