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Uploading Consolidated Electronic Holdings

Alma enables institutions to automatically update electronic holdings from vendors. This is currently supported with Elsevier electronic holdings:
Two Elsevier collections were added to the Alma's Community Zone:
  • Elsevier ScienceDirect Books Complete
  • Elsevier ScienceDirect Journals Complete
These collections entirely replace the old collections. Hence, If you have holdings in other Elsevier electronic collections, activate the above 2 collections and delete the old collections, as following:
  • Activate the above 2 collections
  • Run the integration profile, as described in the following procedure
  • After the profile runs, test the holdings:
Check the contents of the electronic collections to ensure that they reflect your institutional holdings. Then, Test access to selected portfolios to ensure that access is correct
  • When you are satisfied with the above results, if you have holdings in other Elsevier collections, deactivate the portfolios in the old collections and delete the old collections.


To configure automatic uploading of electronic holdings for Elsevier:

  1. Obtain an institution token from Elsevier. You can create an Elsevier token using the Elsevier admin tool. Contact the Elsevier helpdesk for assistance.
  2. Define an integration profile in Alma. type: Upload Electronic Holdings, vendor: ELSEVIER. See Alma OLH for more details.