Invoice Export

If invoice export is configured, Alma assigns invoices that are ready for payment a Ready to Be Paid status.

When the export job runs, all the invoices with this status are exported, except for the following:

  • Invoices marked as Internal copy
  • invoices marked as Prepaid, without the Export to ERP check box selected

For more information on these options, see the procedure in Creating an Invoice From a PO or Manually in the Alma Acquisitions Guide.

An XML file including all the exported invoices is placed in the configured FTP location so thaI they can be fetched by the financial system.

After an invoice is exported, it is closed or marked as Waiting for Payment, depending on the configuration of the institution’s handle_invoice_payment parameter (see Alma OLH). Note that vendors do not usually use the same invoice number twice. The combination of invoice number and vendor code, therefore, usually uniquely identifies the invoice. However, some institutions work with vendors that use the same invoice number multiple times (for serials, for example). These institutions must set the invoice_not_unique parameter to true (see Alma OLH). They then use the unique invoice identifier assigned by Alma as the unique identifier of the invoice. All three fields—invoice number, vendor code, and unique identifier—are exported by Alma. The unique identifier is stored in the financial system and supplied as part of the import, for invoice identification.

This workflow is illustrated in the following diagram:

For more informatiom see also Alma OLH.

Data Dictionary (based on XSD)

Invoice Export