Orders Export

Alma allows exporting of PO and of PO lines. Following are details about the 2 export types:

Export of POs

When a PO is about to be sent to the vendor, it can be exported to the financial system.The export is not done using a scheduling: XML file with the order information is placed in a pre-defined S/FTP location immediately when it is sent to the vendor. The finance system should fetch it and handle it.

There are 2 ways to export POs to the financial system, depending on whether the integration with the financial system is based on ERP number or not:

If  ‘Integrate by ERP Number’ is configured, then when the PO is sent the following check is done:

  • If the PO has ‘ERP Number’ populated then the PO continues in regular workflow (for example it might be sent or go to approval task list)
  • If the PO does not have ‘ERP Number’ populated then the PO is exported to the ERP and remains in review with alert ‘ERP number is missing’. The PO will remain in review until ERP number will be filled (See also Orders Import)

If ‘Integrate by ERP Number’ is not configured, then the PO gets sent to the ERP and continues in workflow.

Export of order lines (POL)

Alma allows exporting closed or canceled PO lines to the financial system. This is a scheduled job.

Note: This job can export only up to 1,000 PO lines. If more than 1,000 PO lines are marked for export, the job exports 1,000 of them and the job report page includes an alert suggesting that the user rerun the job to export any remaining PO lines.

Data Dictionary (based on XSD)

export PO and POL