Logical Set Query Reference


The ‘Create a Set’ API can be used to create logical sets for Resource Management content types (Bibs, Items, Portfolios, Digital representations, etc.).

The exact syntax which is needed for creating a set using the API can be determined by first creating a set using the UI, running the ‘Retrieve a Set’ API to view the syntax, and then use the provided syntax as a template for creating other similar logical sets using the API. An example and detailed explanation can be found in this blog post.


A set of Physical Items can be created using criteria from the Bib record, the Holdings record and the Item record. This example shows a search for items using fields from the related Bib record and the location (which is stored under the Holdings record):

ITEM where BIB_MMS (title CONTAIN "history") and
HOLDING (holding_Library OUTER_EQUAL "ART")

The syntax begins with the type of set, in this case ITEM. Then it lists the limiting criteria – first the level, followed by triplets of field code, operator, and value.

The next example demonstrates a search for titles which contain either ‘history’ or ‘writing’ in the title:

BIB_MMS where BIB_MMS (title CONTAIN "history" OR title CONTAIN "writing")

Here the two criteria triplets are separated by the Boolean operator ‘or’.

List of Fields and Operators