Alma exposes bibliographic information and local authority information in JSON-LD format in the following places:

  • API
  • Alma Resource management UI

The Alma JSON-LD is built using the DC terms ontology, extended by other ontologies as needed. The specific fields’ mapping is specified in our BIB context, AUT context. Note that institutions might define their own context object, and configure Alma to use it. See Alma OLH for more details. Basic information simply appears as a regular JSON couple “field name: field data”, for example:

"place_of_publication": "New York"

URIs are marked as “@id”. When there are several URIs related to the same field, the main URI will appear as “@id” and the additional URI will be marked as “sameAs”. For example:

 "@id": "http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/n78039346",
 "label": "Zelinsky, Paul O.",
 "sameAs": “http://viaf.org/viaf/sourceID/LC|n78039346”


Helpful tip: To view JSON LD files in your Chrome browser, check out the JSON Formatter third party plugin.


2 APIs are available:


URL: https://open-na.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/alma/<institution code>/bibs/<mms_id>.jsonld
Sample record

  • GET local authority

URL: https://open-na.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/alma/<institution code>/authorities/<mms_id>.jsonld
Sample record


  • The linked data APIs are working for .jsonld or .json suffix. Other suffix will return error.
  • The linked data APIs are working against the production environment only. It is currently not possible to work with JSON-LD against sandbox environments.

Alma Resource management UI

Alma exposes linked data elements in 2 Alma UI places:

  • Repository Search title results:

  • MD editor when editing a title:

In these pages the JSON-LD data appears in a table view and not as “native” JSON:

The first column is the vocabulary field – according to the context. The second column is the URI and the last column is the related label.

For more information regarding the repository search, see Alma OLH.
For more information regarding the MD-Editor see Alma OLH.