Alma supports the integration with OpenAthens as the identity and access management service (IdP).

OpenAthens Configuration

Make sure all your organization’s subscription resources are allocated to an OpenAthens permission set. If you’re not sure, follow these steps:

  • Log in with your OpenAthens administrator account
  • View your permission set(s) by going to Resources > Permission sets

  • View the allocated resources for each permission set by clicking on the globe icon

  • If you believe you need to allocate one or more resources, search the resource catalogue and allocate them as required

Alma Configuration

  • Create an integration profile of type “Resolver Proxy” [Alma Configuration > General >External Systems > Integration Profiles]:

  • Assign the profile to a collection’s service:
    • Search for an electronic collection
    • Click the “…” for the desired collection and “Edit Service”
    • Go to the “Linking” tab
      • Proxy enabled: Yes
      • Select the profile as the proxy

Test Access in Primo

  1. Search for a title, for example “1,000 Dog Portraits From the People Who Love Them”
  2. Click “Available Online” link
  3. Click the service link selected (above), for example “Ebook Central Public Library Complete”
  4. You’ll get the “OpenAthens” login screen
  5. Login to “OpenAthens”
  6. The resource is presented

Note: the test access is done on the discovery system side. Alma uses a proxy resolver in an iFrame and this is currently not support by OpenAthens