XML-based integration with Remote Storage Facility

When a request is placed in Alma on an item that belongs to a remote storage location, an automatic job exports the requested information to a defined FTP location. The remote storage facility system should retrieve the file and process it: the requested item should be taken from the remote storage location, and sent to the relevant pickup location in the library.
The item will arrive at the library and scan-in there, in order to proceed the request workflow in Alma.

The files placed at the FTP location adhere to the rules defined in the Export Requests to a Remote Storage Facility schema.

Required configuration in Alma

In addition to the remote storage location, it is required to configure an external integration profile of “remote storage” type:

  • Integration type: XML
  • Export File path: the location in which the file of requests will be placed..

The Remote Storage Facility should be connected to the integration profile:

For more information regarding the required setup in Alma, refer to Alma Online Help.