LIBRIS (Library Information System) is the Swedish national union catalogue maintained by the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm. The national catalogue is free and holds about 6.5 million titles nationwide. In addition to the national catalogue LIBRIS offers several other services such as ILL system.
The Alma integration with LIBRIS ILL system will allow libraries to provide a very necessary service to their end users, while allowing staff to handle the resource sharing workflow in Alma with as little duplicate effort as possible.
The following diagram illustrates a workflow of ILL information flow from patron to lending library:


Import LIBRIS ILL requests into Alma

Alma allows an on-going batch import of borrowing requests from an external ILL system into Alma. When these ILL requests are loaded the resource sharing workflow continues in Alma.

Prerequisites for the integration:

  • The potential partners should be created in Alma for assigning the imported requests to the appropriate        lender.
  • A new integration profile ‘Resource Sharing Integration’ should be created. This profile serves as an        integration profile between any external ILL system and Alma, which is used for ILL information retrieval via API, in particular LIBRIS ILL API.

Configuring the Resource Sharing Integration profile in Alma

In order to import the borrowing request from an external system into Alma an integration profile of type ‘Resource Sharing Integration’ must be configured in Alma.

For more details about configuring the profile, see here.