Netpunkt ( is a gateway to essential databases and tools for library staff provided by the Danish Bibliographic Centre (DBC). Netpunkt gives access to databases and services in DanBib. One of the services available is resource sharing between members of the central catalog using the Netpunkt-ILL-System, BOB (Base Over Bestillingsønsker).


The Alma integration with the Netpunkt ILL system will allow libraries to provide a very necessary service to their end users, while allowing staff to handle the resource sharing workflow in Alma with as little duplicate effort as possible.


The following diagram illustrates the workflows of Netpunkt ILL with a library member (lender/borrower):


Integration Functionalities

  • Publishing of holdings information
  • User authentication
  • Availability check
  • Create a borrowing request
  • Resource sharing communication

Publishing of Holdings Information

Libraries have the option to update the Netpunkt ILL system of the materials they own. This is done by publishing the holdings information to Netpunkt. For more information regarding the publishing configuration options please refer to the Alma OLH.

User Authentication

When a patron places an order request for a specific material Netpunkt authenticates the user. This is done by sending an NCIP V.1 LookupUser message to the borrowing library. For more information regarding the NCIP V.1 specifications please refer to the Alma documentation.

Availability Check

Netpunkt checks with the lending library that the material requested by the patron is currently available for resource sharing. This is done by sending an SRU (ISO 20775) request to the lender to get its holdings information. For more information regarding the SRU (ISO 20775) specifications please refer to the Alma documentation.

Create a Borrowing Request

Netpunkt sends an OpenReceipt message to the borrowing library to create a borrowing request. Upon receiving the message in Alma the message is converted to a borrowing request based on the mapping table below. For more information regarding the integration configuration with Netpunkt please refer to the Alma OLH.

Resource sharing communication

Libraries can communicate with each other directly (P2P) or via Netpunkt. This is done by using the ISO 18626 protocol supported by Alma. For more information regarding the ISO 18626 standard please refer to the protocol documentation.

Mapping table of OpenReceipt tags to borrowing request fields
OpenReceipt tagBorrowing request fieldDescription
orderIdExternal IDThe order ID from Netpunkt/bibliotek. Alma generates the request ID.
userIdRequesterThe primary identifier of the requesting user based on the User Identified Type.
requesterIdOwnerThe resource sharing library code. Used only when there are more than one resource sharing library defined for the user.
authorAuthorAuthor data (monographs) in orders without locations.
authorOfComponentAuthorAuthor of an journal article/part of work.
responderIdPartnerThe lender partner code for the creation of lending request (only 1 can be supplied). If not supplied will be left empty.
callNumberCall numberThe call number of the book.


Boolean indication whether user wants a photocopy of an article or component. Default is false

  • true = DIGITAL
  • false = PHYSICAL
mediumTypeRequested mediaA description of the requested media.

Netpunkt media options will be added to the Additional requested media table.

creationDateCreated dateDate of order received/created.
lastModificationLast modified datelast modification date.
languageRequested languageThe requested language for the resource sharing request. Possible codes are the enabled fields in ResourceSharingLanguages. Default is null.
pickUpAgencyIdPickup locationThe pickup library code where the resource will be delivered to. Mandatory for physical format delivery. Optional for digital format.
needBeforeDateLast interest dateLast date the request is needed. Optional parameter.
articleFirstNote/latestRequesterNoteNoteGeneral note.
title/titleOfComponentTitleTitle of the requested resource. Mandatory parameter.
issnISSNISSN of the requested resource.
isbnISBNISBN of the requested resource.
publicationDate/ publicationDateOfComponentYearYear of publication of the requested resource.
publisherPublisherPublisher of the requested resource.
placeOfPublicationPlace of publicationThe publication place of the requested resource.
editionEditionThe edition of the requested resource.
volumeVolumeThe volume number of the journal that contains the article.
issueIssueThe issue of the requested resource.
paginationPagesThe relevant pages of the requested resource.


The borrowing request in Alma is either of the types Article or Book. As suggested by DBC the bibliographicCategory element on the OrderReceipt message contains either of the two values:

  • mono – for monographic material (book, music, etc)
  • peri – for periodical material (journals, articles, etc)

based on the above options the resource sharing request type will be, Article (“peri”) or Book (“mono”).