SLNP Supported Messages

Message Name      Sender   Action                                                  Result
SLNPAlleBenutzerDatenZFLNCIP partner receives the patron authentication requestPatron authentication
SLNPPFLDatenAenderungZFLNCIP partner receives the information who will be the material supplier and the partner is changes to SLNP partnerUpdate borrower who is the actual material supplier
SLNPFLBestellung(AFL)ZFLSLNP partner receives the lending requestLending request is created in Alma
(PFL)ZFLNCIP partner receives the borrowing requestBorrowing request is created in Alma
SLNPInfo2FLServer(Shipped)AlmaSLNP partner sends a Shipped notificationLender ships the resource sharing material to the borrower
(NotAvailable) AlmaSLNP partner sends a Not Available notificationLender rejects the request
(Return)AlmaSLNP partner sends a Return notificationBorrower returns the borrowed material to the lender
SLNPQuitZFLZFL terminates SLNP communicationEnd SLNP communication