P2P Resource Sharing

A typical P2P Resource Sharing communication includes the following messages between the borrowing library and the lending library:
  • Request – the borrowing library asks the potential lending library for material.
  • Answer – the lending library answers that the material was shipped, or that the request cannot be filled.
  • Received – the borrowing library notifies the lending library that the material has arrived.
  • Returned – the borrowing library notifies the lending library that the material has sent back.
  • Check in – the lending library notifies the borrowing library that the material has arrived back. The communication can be closed.
The following diagram illustrates the workflow:

The following protocols are supported for P2P Resource Sharing:
Each protocol implements the above communication with specific messages, including the relevant information.

P2P Resource Sharing with Alma and the following systems is supported:
VDXOCLCResource Sharing Process (ISO)Production
AlephExLibrisResource Sharing Process (ISO)Verified
British LibraryBritish LibraryResource Sharing Process (ARTEmail)Production
SLNP Supporting SystemsSISIS/OCLCResource Sharing Process (SLNP)Verified
ILL SBNSBNResource Sharing Process (ISO)


Libraries Australia Document Deliver (LADD)OCLCResource Sharing Process (ISO)



Submit RequestA borrowing may be pushed from Alma into the broker system.
Request is directly loaded into the broker system by an online request form
Locate and AvailabilityAlma repository, including its inventory status, may be exposed to the broker system
Fulfillment The following actions may be done in the broker system and be automatically reflected into Alma:
Borrower Side :

  • Look up patron information
  • Receive Item
  • Send item back to lender

Lender Side:

  • Mark item as requested
  • Send Item to borrower
  • Receive item back from borrower
Resource Sharing Process Communicate resource sharing workflow actions such as :

  • Request (B)
  • Ship item (L)
  • Receive Item (B)
  • Return Item (B)
  • Check In Item (L)
  • Cancel Request (B)
  • Confirm Cancellation (L)
  • Request Renewal (B)
  • Accept Renewal Request (L)
  • Answer – Unfil (L)
  • Overdue (L)
  • Recall (L)
  • Will Supply (L)

## B – initiator of message is Borrower
## L- initiator of message is lender

Patron FilePatron information is exported to broker using Alma’s integration profiles.


ProductionThe integration is used by customers in production
RoadmapThe integration is planned
VerifiedIntegration is tested or otherwise verified but not known to be implemented in production
Being TestedIntegration is actively in the process of being verified
Not Supported by VendorThird party system is known not to support the integration