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SWORD Deposits

Alma supports the SWORD v.2.0 protocol - a standard lightweight protocol for depositing content from one location to another.  It stands for Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit and is a profile of the Atom Publishing Protocol. For full information about SWORD, visit the SWORD website.

This page contains basic information about how SWORD is supported in Alma, namely, details about required Alma configuration and Alma's SWORD server. After reading this, you may want to consult the following blog posts for ideas how to implement your own SWORD services with Alma.


Deposit Configuration

Before you can use SWORD to accept deposits, you must first set up one or more Deposit Profiles. Refer to Alma documentation for instructions.


Configuring your SWORD Integration Profile


Follow the instructions in Configuring the SWORD Server Integration Profile and add your username and password. These, and the BaseURL, will be required to configure your SWORD client.

All requests to the SWORD server must also include an 'On-behalf-of' header with a valid Alma user.


Supported SWORD Methods

The following methods are supported by the Alma SWORD server:

GET /sdGet Service Document
GET /edit/<deposit-id> Get Deposit details
PUT /edit/<deposit-id>Replace metadata 
POST /collection/<deposit_profile_id> Create resource
POST /edit-media/<deposit_id>Add content
DELETE /edit-media/<deposit_id>/<filename> Delete content
DELETE /edit/<deposit-id>Withdraw deposit
PUT /edit/<deposit-id>
"In-Progress: false"
Submit in progress deposit