Email-based login

Alma supports email-based login for staff users in Alma and for patrons in Primo: The user is requested to enter email address. If a single user with this email address exists in Alma, an email will be sent to this address , including a link with a validation token. The user can click the link within 30 minutes and he will automatically be logged in. No password required.
As a security measure, the notification message “An email with the login link has been sent to” is displayed regardless of whether a user with the specified email address is found. In addition, if several users in Alma have the same email address the message will be displayed but email will not be sent.
It may take several minutes for the email to arrive.

Note that both external and internal users can be authenticated using email.
The following steps are required in order to allow email-based login:

  • Configure the “Social/Email Login” integration profile in Alma – see Alma OLH for more details
  • In order to allow login to Primo, Primo should be configured as well. Make sure you use Primo’s new UI and new authentication

Configuring Primo

In order to allow patrons to login to Primo using email-based login, Primo’s new UI should be used with the new Authentication (not PDS). See here for more details regarding the required configuration in Primo.
Note that Primo configuration is the same for social login and email-based login.

Configuring the email-based login letter

This letter is the Login Using One Time Token Letter (letter code: LoginUsingOneTimeTokenLetter). For more information, see Configuring Alma Letters.