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Authentication of Primo Users to Retrieve Alma Information

Primo utilizes Alma’s user-related information in several areas, such as the Get It and My Library Card tabs.
To retrieve such information, the logged in Primo user must be identified in Alma. Authentication of users is performed based on Primo’s configuration - using PDS, SAML or LDAP. This configuration also determines the user ID value that is used as a matching point with Alma. This can be any user attribute that is returned by the IDP when identifying the user in Primo.
When trying to retrieve user-related information from Alma, Alma searches for a user with the user ID value in one of the identifiers that are unique cross-institution. For example, Primo side can be configured to authenticate users in a specific IDP and can return a response such as the following:
sn: Orange

cn: Becky Orange


PortalName: EBSCO
If the cn attribute is defined in Primo as a matching point, a user in Alma with the Becky Orange identifier should exist when requesting user-related information from Alma.
The Primo-Alma authentication workflow is illustrated in the following diagram: