Configure social login with Google

The following steps are required in order to allow social login in Alma using Google.

Configure Google to allow login to Alma

  1. Create a Google account for the library. The account will be used for defining the application on the institution’s behalf.
  1. Connect to Google’ APIs Console with the library’s google account.
  1. Create an application for allowing social login – see Defining Google App for social login in Alma.
  2. From the created app, copy the client ID and secret.

Configure and enable social login in Alma

A new “Social Login” integration profile should be defined in general configurationIntegration Profiles. You should define such profile for each social network provider your institution would like to allow logging in with.

Following is explanation about each field of the profile:
  • System: select Google.
  • App ID, App secret: enter the credentials which was supplied by the social network provider (step 4 above).
  • Self-registration section: set to Active if your institution allows self registration of patrons from Primo: Alma will create a user for an unregistered user logging into Primo with social authentication. The user will be created with patron role, and the other defaults defined in this section (user group, Resource sharing library and statistical category).