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360 Link | Alma | SFX | Summon Extension
Lean Library puts the library in your patron’s workflow, making content and resources accessible whenever and wherever your patrons need them. SFX integration: https://intercom.help/lean-library/en/articles/2128179-library-alternatives-how-to-set-up-for-sfx-by-exlibris The Delivery Domain is the Base URL of your SFX services menu.  For example:  http://sfxhosted.exlibrisgroup.com/customer_name. Alma…

Alma | SFX Extension
Celus is a COUNTER 5 compliant tool for the management of consortial usage statistics of electronic information resources. Celus is a highly interactive tool providing: – support for COUNTER 5, COUNTER 4 and custom non-COUNTER data – efficient management of…