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Alma Inventory Tool

This code will facilitate an inventory of items cataloged in the Alma integrated library system.

  • Physical items are handled one at a time and scanned with a barcode scanner
  • The user can press a button to indicate if there is a mismatch in the title, volume or call number of the physical item
  • A request is sent to the Alma Bib API to retrieve known information for that Barcode
    • To avoid cross-origin restrictions, a PHP service is used to call the Alma API and to add the Alma API key
    • This service simply appends the api key to the request and returns the json object provided from the Alma API
  • Results are displayed in a table with common errors highlighted
  • Optionally, the user can upload results of a scanning session to Google sheets

The application is a web application that interacts with the Alma API.  A local server is utilized to protect your Alma API key from being visible to the end user. The code repository provides a sample integration of this application using PHP, Node, or Java (Jetty).